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It is mandatory to conduct an allergic examination aimed at identifying those substances that directly cause the development of an allergic disease. Given that atopic dermatitis is a disease that occurs with skin lesions, the only acceptable way to diagnose is to take Cefuroxime pills a blood test for IgE-specific (specific immunoglobulins E produced for specific allergens). First of all, donate blood for food allergens. In patients older than three years, it is advisable to donate blood for household and epidermal allergens.


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In the case of infection, the cultures of the inflammation separated from the foci are carried out for microflora and fungi, as well as for sensitivity to antibiotics. Sometimes a skin biopsy is performed (a small area of ​​skin is taken for analysis) in order to clarify the nature of the inflammatory process. But this method of research is carried out quite rarely and only according to strict indications, for example, if skin lymphoma is suspected.


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In general, when building an examination program, the doctor must be aware that atopic dermatitis is not only an allergic disease. Both the nervous and endocrine systems can take part in its occurrence. Almost always there are problems in other organs and systems of the body. And if these provocative and aggravating factors are not found, then it will be extremely difficult to transfer the child to a state of stable and long-term remission (recovery).but. It is in the search and elimination of ceftin of atopic dermatitis that the main task of the attending physician is, and not in prescribing only creams and tablets to relieve the symptoms of the disease.


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Treatment of ceftin pills dermatitis should be prescribed by a specialist only after an accurate diagnosis. You should not start treatment on your own if symptoms of atopic dermatitis occur. A number of very serious diseases can have similar symptoms, and inadequate treatment tactics can be a threat to the life of the patient, especially the patient - a child. Never independently increase the duration of the course of the drugs recommended to you, even if they help well and cope with the symptoms of the disease, and there is no time to go to the doctor. Even the most harmless creams with banal vitamins have side effects that can occur if treatment tactics are not followed.